A Journey Into Serverless Computing

The promise of serverless computing is: low cost infrastructure, with almost zero maintenance that scales based on your needs.  But is it easy to use? Do you need to think differently about your architecture? And what are its disadvantages? In this 1 hour webinar, Alex Bolboaca shared his experience with creating a non-trivial cloud function: …

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Architecture Diagrams as Code

An important outcome of software architecture work is a set of diagrams that help explain high level decisions on the system. Traditionally, these diagrams were built in complex UML modeling tools like Microsoft Visio or Enterprise Architect. More recently, the agile approach has moved a lot of these diagrams into hand drawings – for better …

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How to Name Things In Your Code

Naming is one of the two most complex problems in software development, and we don’t agree which is the second. In this webinar, Alexandru Bolboaca looked into why naming is so important, how to improve naming in your code, and has shared a process for improving names in code. Happy Learning!

How to Make User Stories Work for You

User stories are a fundamentally simple idea that has been turned into repetitive templates, complex flows, and digital tools. In this webinar, Alex Bolboaca shares the history of user stories, the most common challenges faced by people adopting them, and tips on improving them.

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From Developer To Architect Webinar

Switching from a developer to an architecture role can be difficult. Suddenly you need to face long-term problems, risks, possible failures, and the certainty of making decisions that will backfire sooner or later. In this free webinar you learn main challenges, tips, and techniques for a better start on your journey to software architect. If …

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A Roadmap Is Not A Road

Traditional project management uses a one-dimensional plan, that is usually not subjected to much change. That might work in some domains, but it doesn’t work for sure when doing product development into a complex market. A roadmap is, as the word says, a map of options that one might be able to take at some …

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