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Software Architecture Principles

In this practical workshop participants learn through applied knowledge and practical hands-on exercises what the architect role means, needed principles and practices to create and maintain the architecture of a software product at high standards. Why attend Understand the need of software architecture Make the distinction between functional and non-functional requirements Learn how risk management …

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Agile Business Analysis

In this practical training, experience what makes a Business Analyst a valuable role and how to make continuous improvement in business analysis.

Scrum Master Journey

A Scrum Master grows the team and supports improving their results in time. Learn how. Why Attend define the internal structure for fast and productive collaboration in an agile manner by using Scrum framework increase visibility and transparency inside the organization, at all levels align teams’ activity with the business goals set by the management …

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Modern Architecture for Complex Systems

9th edition of I T.A.K.E. Unconference, online gathering held on 26th-27th May 2021, with focus on practices for modern architecture for complex systems, explores insights, practical examples, and inspiring case studies, with top-notch senior architects from Europe and USA. The main theme is Modern Architecture for Complex Systems and it features:  Architecting Systems for an …

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A Journey Into Serverless Computing

The promise of serverless computing is: low cost infrastructure, with almost zero maintenance that scales based on your needs.  But is it easy to use? Do you need to think differently about your architecture? And what are its disadvantages? In this 1 hour webinar, Alex Bolboaca shared his experience with creating a non-trivial cloud function: …

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Architecture Diagrams as Code

An important outcome of software architecture work is a set of diagrams that help explain high level decisions on the system. Traditionally, these diagrams were built in complex UML modeling tools like Microsoft Visio or Enterprise Architect. More recently, the agile approach has moved a lot of these diagrams into hand drawings – for better …

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CppEurope Conference, 5th Edition

The 5th edition took place on 2021, February 23, a gathering of top-notch practitioners in C++. CppEurope is simply for C++ programmers and their everyday problems. It also contains: A healthy mix of well-known experts and international speakers Practical examples with the latest techniques applied in C++ Diversity of opinions and conversations that matter to you Interested …

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Leading Empowered Teams

Why attend Lead a team without resorting to inefficient micro-management Use the coaching model for developing your colleagues Build stronger teams based on a high level of feedback Become better at time management Understand how to cause lasting change Improve your performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement Hear examples of how other companies …

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How to Name Things In Your Code

Naming is one of the two most complex problems in software development, and we don’t agree which is the second. In this webinar, Alexandru Bolboaca looked into why naming is so important, how to improve naming in your code, and has shared a process for improving names in code. Happy Learning!

How to Make User Stories Work for You

User stories are a fundamentally simple idea that has been turned into repetitive templates, complex flows, and digital tools. In this webinar, Alex Bolboaca shares the history of user stories, the most common challenges faced by people adopting them, and tips on improving them.

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