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How to Make User Stories Work for You

User stories are a fundamentally simple idea that has been turned into repetitive templates, complex flows, and digital tools. In this webinar, Alex Bolboaca shares the history of user stories, the most common challenges faced by people adopting them, and tips on improving them.

Agility Summit 2020

Agility Summit gathers visionary business leaders, managers, and change-makers looking for new ways to serve customers and shape organizations in a digital world. For those shaping their organizations, the event provides knowledge and lessons learned from digital transformations, agile transformations to innovation, and reinventions to achieve business agility. Other topics of interest are: how to …

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From Developer To Architect Webinar

Switching from a developer to an architecture role can be difficult. Suddenly you need to face long-term problems, risks, possible failures, and the certainty of making decisions that will backfire sooner or later. In this free webinar you learn main challenges, tips, and techniques for a better start on your journey to software architect. If …

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A Roadmap Is Not A Road

Traditional project management uses a one-dimensional plan, that is usually not subjected to much change. That might work in some domains, but it doesn’t work for sure when doing product development into a complex market. A roadmap is, as the word says, a map of options that one might be able to take at some …

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From Developer to Architect

Were you recently promoted to an architecture role? Do you feel overwhelmed by the change? Join this learning program and your transition will be smooth. Switching from a developer to an architecture role can be difficult. Suddenly you need to face long-term problems, risks, possible failures, and the certainty of making decisions that will backfire …

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Serverless Architecture

Do you need to deliver features fast without thinking about infrastructure? Do you want low-effort scalability and performance, combined with minimal costs? Serverless architecture promises all these things. But in order to obtain all these advantages, you need to switch your architectural mindset to fully embrace an event-driven, distributed, and limited control approach. In 4 …

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Native Cloud Architecture

Are you looking to take advantage of the cloud? Do you find the cloud landscape to be confusing and complex? Join this program to use the cloud for your advantage, whether you develop a product in a startup or looking at the benefits of cloud computing from an enterprise perspective. Cloud computing changes fundamentally the …

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Certified Scrum Master

In this training, you will learn how to get a Scrum project up and running. The training is highly interactive and you will leave with lots of practical hands-on experience, plus dozens of tips and tricks on what you need to do to succeed with Scrum in your organization. And if you are already doing …

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Product Leaders Summit, 2nd Edition

Product Leaders Summit is for everyone passionate about building successful products, that users love. Also find: Inspiration, practical examples & case studies presented by valuable practitioners. Exposure to top-notch international speakers and professionals from Europe, Asia, and the US. New innovative approaches to product strategy and how to optimize for success in times of uncertainty All the presentations will be soon updated …

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Certified Scrum Product Owner

This intermediate-level training is recommended for all profiles who wish to successfully understand how to function effectively as the product owner, or customer, for a Scrum team. You will learn about activities such as managing stakeholders, ROI, backlog grooming, creating effective stories, acceptance criteria for stories, defining done, and so on. CSPO training provides an …

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Certified Agile Leadership

Certified Agile Leadership program is a practical and pragmatic course, which will adapt to the wants and needs coming from the participants. All the necessary theory will be covered, but our focus is on real-life events, challenges, and opportunities. This class with Olaf Lewitz is a special experience – it creates a magical container that challenges …

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CppEurope Conference, 4th Edition

The 4th edition took place on 2020, June 23, a gathering of top-notch practitioners in C++. CppEurope is simply for C++ programmers and their everyday problems. It also contains: A healthy mix of well-known experts and international speakers Practical examples with the latest techniques applied in C++ Diversity of opinions and conversations that matter to you Interested …

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Prioritization Techniques

As a Product Manager or Product Owner, you are often facing difficult choices when prioritizing features for your product. Should you target a specific demographic, or the ones that make the most sense to you, or the regulatory requirements? What priority should technical improvements have, such as refactoring, changing the architecture, or improving automation in …

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User Story Mapping

Agile Planning typically uses user stories. But user stories have a problem: they don’t capture and maintain the context of the story over the whole development period. Jeff Patton has found a better way: a two-dimensional backlog called a story map. Who should attend Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Analysts who want to: close …

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Impact Mapping

After an organization decides to increase its agility, eventually they need to change the way roadmaps and strategic product plans are built. A relatively new technique, Impact Mapping helps move strategic planning from speculation to hypothesis and fast testing. Why attend This program is for you if you want to learn how to use impact …

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CppEurope Conference, 3rd Edition

CppEurope is simply for C++ programmers and their everyday problems, featuring: A healthy mix of well-known experts and international speakers In-depth discussions that will not be boring, and you can get involved if you have something to say A practitioner gathering, with involvement from more than 8 countries A diversity of opinions and audience from …

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Modular Architecture in the Age of Cloud Computing

Online conference held on 7 April 2020, featuring in-depth talks about design and architectural principles, practical ideas on microservices, architectural patterns to obtain modularity, and real stories of transitioning from monolith to cloud. This content is for everyone passionate about Modular Architecture in the Age of Cloud Computing and software excellence.  How Is This Online …

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Architecting Microservices

Do you work on a monolith that is difficult to break? Join this program to understand what are microservices, what advantages and disadvantages they have and how to model them. In 6 weekly 2-hour remote sessions, you will learn how to identify microservices by using domain modeling or CRC cards, how to design microservices in the …

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