Adrian Bolboacă

Adrian is the VP of Innovation in Education and Technology at Mozaic Works. His passion is helping teams produce high-quality software, both on the technical and organizational sides. He has worked in many industries – including energy, e-commerce, ERP/CRM, embedded software, banking, and more. In 2016 he published a book about hosting and facilitating a code retreat, a one-day deliberate practice concept for programming.

International experience in product & software development for more than 15 years in small and large companies, with customers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France.

Experienced trainer – he likes to teach passionate people from dynamic companies to exceed their potential by challenging their current activity model for a better collaboration, performance, and satisfaction.

Has trained and coached individuals and teams on both technical and organizational side on topics like: architecture & software design, agile and lean transformations, visual management, continuous improvement, Scrum, Kanban, Unit Testing, TDD, pair-programming, clean code, rescuing legacy code.

Read more about Adi’s experience on Mozaic Works.

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