A Roadmap Is Not A Road

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Traditional project management uses a one-dimensional plan, that is usually not subjected to much change. That might work in some domains, but it doesn’t work for sure when doing product development into a complex market.

A roadmap is, as the word says, a map of options that one might be able to take at some moments in the future. It’s not a clear road, as the traditional project management approach is. A roadmap is something we keep discovering, we make assumptions about the close future based on data we have now. After many rounds of feedback with all the stakeholder, especially the users of the system, we can make these assumptions, and then validate, or invalidate them.

Join this free webinar if you want to get a better understanding about how a product roadmap works for software development.

This 1-hour webinar was broadcasted live in October 2020, and is structured in two parts. During the first part Adrian Bolboacă talks about the difference between a plan and a roadmap, from insights of working with many mature and brand new software products. The second part is a Q&A session.

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