Design Patterns

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This hands-on, practical workshop teaches programmers how to use reusable solutions to common problems when designing software.

As a Software Developer, through hands-on exercises, activities and practical discussions, you will understand: why, how and when to use design patterns when writing code or when refactoring.

The participants are introduced to the key design principles behind the patterns and discusses the testability of various patterns.

Why Attend

  • You want to learn how to create changeable software
  • Changing code takes you a lot of time; find out how to refactor it to be better
  • Minimize the development risks by using good design principles
  • Learn a common language to better communicate software design
  • Find the right abstractions for your software

After this workshop, you will also be able to:

  • Spot places where your code is hard to change and use some patterns to make it more flexible
  • Know how to incrementally refactor the code needed to be easier to change
  • Write code with smaller cost of change
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