Modern Architecture for Complex Systems

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9th edition of I T.A.K.E. Unconference, online gathering held on 26th-27th May 2021, with focus on practices for modern architecture for complex systems, explores insights, practical examples, and inspiring case studies, with top-notch senior architects from Europe and USA.

The main theme is Modern Architecture for Complex Systems and it features: 

  • Architecting Systems for an AI-Native Future
  • Fitness and Workout for Software Architecture
  • Why does Yesterday’s Best Practice Become Tomorrow’s Antipattern?
  • How to Stop Testing and Break Your Code Base
  • What Makes Software Architecture So Hard?
  • Design and Develop Serverless Applications as Set-Pieces
  • Improve resiliency and performance with controlled chaos engineering
  • Soulful Socio-Technical Architecture
  • Integrating with Elasticsearch
  • Modern Data Architecture
  • Clean Cloud

How is I TAKE Unconference special?

  • New innovative approaches to modern architecture
  • Exposure to top-notch international speakers and professionals from Europe and the USA
  • Practical examples with the latest techniques applied in complex systems
  • Fast-paced, dynamic learning atmosphere
  • Overcoming travel challenges of this period

Interested in finding out more about I T.A.K.E. Unconference? Contact us and we are happy to answer.

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