Raising The Bar Starts By Challenging Yourself

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Online conference held on 12th May 2020, with focus on practices and practicing, we will explore together for one day of remote live talks and live coding what software craft actually means: raising the bar.

The theme chosen for the 8th edition is Craft: Raising the Bar Starts by Challenging Yourself and it features: 

  • design heuristics
  • deliberate practice
  • live coding 
  • real games used as learning tools at work
  • new coding exercises for your craft

How is this edition of I TAKE Unconference special?

  • Focus is placed upon new innovative approaches to deliberate practice, robust code and software development
  • Brings together international speakers and top-notch professionals from Europe, the USA and all over the world
  • The sessions include practical examples with the latest techniques applied in various environments, programming languages & technologies
  • Fast-paced, dynamic learning atmosphere
  • Overcoming travel challenges of this Spring

Interested in finding out more about I T.A.K.E. Unconference? Contact us and we are happy to answer.

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