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Agile Product Management

Learn how to manage the different phases of a product through agile techniques, from product discovery to established product, and from strategic planning to tactics and continuous improvement.

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Scrum Master Journey

A Scrum Master grows the team and supports improving their results in time. Learn how. Why Attend define the internal structure for fast and productive collaboration in an agile manner by using Scrum framework increase visibility and transparency inside the organization, at all levels align teams’ activity with the business goals set by the management …

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Leading Empowered Teams

Why attend Lead a team without resorting to inefficient micro-management Use the coaching model for developing your colleagues Build stronger teams based on a high level of feedback Become better at time management Understand how to cause lasting change Improve your performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement Hear examples of how other companies …

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Certified Scrum Master

In this training, you will learn how to get a Scrum project up and running. The training is highly interactive and you will leave with lots of practical hands-on experience, plus dozens of tips and tricks on what you need to do to succeed with Scrum in your organization. And if you are already doing …

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Certified Agile Leadership

Certified Agile Leadership program is a practical and pragmatic course, which will adapt to the wants and needs coming from the participants. All the necessary theory will be covered, but our focus is on real-life events, challenges, and opportunities. This class with Olaf Lewitz is a special experience – it creates a magical container that challenges …

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Advanced Scrum Master Skills

Growing high performing teams is hard. Discover, experience, and learn how a Scrum Master can be effective as facilitator, enabler, change agent, coach, and interface of the team with the rest of the organization. Why Attend You should attend this learning program if you want to: Trainer: Adrian Bolboacă Practical Details Need a customised learning program or …

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